Services available include comprehensive and age-appropriate care similar to what is provided in a pediatric or family medicine office, such as:

  • Acute illness and infection
  • Injury assessment and treatment and/or referral
  • Physical exams*

*An annual physical exam – completed at school or from a healthcare provider in the community – is required for all students who participate in a school sport.  More information can be found at

Services are provided by licensed healthcare providers such as physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. All families are encouraged to have a medical home and ASBHC can coordinate with your child’s private health care provider for any services received at school.  Using the ASBHC is convenient for parents, who do not need to worry about taking time off work or arranging transportation to take their child to the doctor.  Health concerns are communicated to parents and students are encouraged to discuss their health with their parents unless protected by law.

Clinics are located in or near the school nurse’s office.  These services are in addition to, and in conjunction with, the school nurse.  For emergencies, 911 will always be called for serious conditions.

Behavioral health services are available for a limited number of students when referred by a medical provider or school staff. For more infromation email or call 907-742-0479.